Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Before 90 Day No Sugar Cleanse Picture

Here is the most recent picture of me prior to my cleanse. I can't believe I have lost 10 lbs in 10 days. I also can't believe how much I am craving sugar. Now both of my sides hurt really bad! I've got serious healing going on. I can definitely say that this cleanse is much deeper and more effective than just the 90 day all juice any juice cleanse. I am learning so much about food and my lovely little addictions to it. So here is my before cleanse picture and dare I say I weighed 134 lbs at 4'11. I am now 124 today. I don't have a goal weight because I plan to just get to the size my body naturally wants to go to. I was doen to 110 on my 90 day cleanse, but have maintained 115 for the last five years except being pregnant and now after all the stress and work I have been doing the last six months. You can eat a very healthy diet, but when your body is stressed, my body puts on weight, especially when I am loading up on all the raw desserts everyday. I'll talk about all the supplements I am taking while on this cleanse.

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