Friday, June 4, 2010

Day #16

I am still on my no sugar cleanse. I am still juicing but have added some salads and raw crackers into my diet. I am also finally starting to feel a little better. The sugar cravings are going away. This has been an EXTREMELY hard cleanse. It is really difficult to eliminate all sugars and to be very conscious of it. I have not posted in awhile as I was away in Billings, MT for a conference. It took lots of preparation to make all my own food to bring plus we rented a hotel apartment so we would have access to a kitchen at all times.

I forgot my tamper and the local health food store let me use their high power juicer in their deli section. I can tell you, my Vita-Mix gets way more juice than the jucier they had. Cody and I was amazed on how effective the Vita-Mix really was. We used the exact same amount of veggies and got a little over half of what we normally get.

I have gained 4 lbs back from incorporating salads and crackers, Cody says it is because I'm eating tomatoes, so I am going to eliminate all nightshades from my diet and see how I do. It's really hard, no sugar, no nightshades. Argh!

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